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We are manufacturer and Supplier of Surgical Instruments, Dental Instruments, Orthopedic Instruments, Orthopedic Implants, Veterinary Instruments, Castration Instruments and Ophthalmic Instruments based in Sialkot, Pakistan 

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Name: Calf Puller
ARS- 201-001
Easy to operate Zig-zag action. Extra long 65" with 12" extension for a total size of 77". Three separate hook attachments. Special 2 piece shaft for storing. Grooves made with great accuracy to guarantee against slippage. 100% Zinc plated heavy-duty guage. Breeching chain and nylon strap also included! Weight: 26lbs (12kgs).
Name: Ratchet Style Calf Puller
ARS- 201-002
Deeper nickel-plated grooves on the pole allows easier pulling. Reinforced breech. Extra long pipe sections for large breed cows. Blue molded plastic handle for easy cranking. Two longer ratchet release levers are formed to the fingers. Deeply cut threads in pipe sections prevent ratchet from slipping. Three hooks to attach OB strap or chain. Approximately 64".
Name: Bovine Cervical Forceps
ARS- 201-003
Stainless Steel
Name: Linde Embryotomy Knife
ARS- 201-004
5" With one large finger tip with handle adapted to the palm.
Name: Krey Hook
ARS- 201-005
8" Double action OB Hook bites into part of Fetus in the process of embryotomy.
Name: Krey Hook
ARS- 201-006
8 Double action OB Hook bites into part of Fetus in the process of embryotomy
Name: Vienna Double Blunt Eye Hook
ARS- 201-007
5-1/2 Hinged for easier placement.
Name: OB Wire Guide
ARS- 201-008
Name: Suture Style OB Handle
ARS- 201-009
Saw wire cuts through bone and horns quickly. Comes in forty-foot rolls of 17mm (0.7") saw wire . The stainless steel saw wire handles aid in using the O.B. saw wire. They have a knrled non-slip grip. Handles (sold in pairs) and wire are sold separately.
Name: Lyss OB Handle
ARS- 201-010
3" Grasp to make it easy to change position on OB Wire.
Name: Pig Obstetrical Forceps
ARS- 201-011
23" Forceps open sideways, Softly hold piglet either around the head or hips
Name: Puppy OB Forceps
ARS- 201-012
8" Stainless Steel
Name: Farrowing Forceps for Piglets
ARS- 201-013
Stainless Steel
Name: OB Chain Handle
ARS- 201-014
Stainless Steel
Name: OB Chain Handle
ARS- 201-015
Aids in the use of O.B. chains or O.B. straps (below). One-piece nikel-plated handle with blue-coated grip for extra cushion and easier gripping.