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We are manufacturer and Supplier of Surgical Instruments, Dental Instruments, Orthopedic Instruments, Orthopedic Implants, Veterinary Instruments, Castration Instruments and Ophthalmic Instruments based in Sialkot, Pakistan 

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Name: Cattle Twitch
ARS- 206-001
17" Nylon Coated Handle for sure grip
Name: Canine Mouth Gag
ARS- 206-002
Small 4 1/2", Medium 5 3/4", Large 6 3/4"
Name: killian-vaginal-speculum-fo-dogs
ARS- 206-003
Has set screw and 3 1/2" blades.
Name: Polansky Vaginal Speculum with 3 Blades
ARS- 206-004
Has butterfly screws with two blades on top.
Name: Anti Kick Device
ARS- 206-005
Bron Screw down model for use on Achilles Tendon.
Name: Anti Kick Bar
ARS- 206-006
No tools necessary. Fits any size animal by means of an easy, push button to reach proper adjustment. When in position, the animal will not kick its hind legs. Individually bosed. Spare parts are abailable
Name: Automatic Bull Lead
ARS- 206-007
Name: Hoof Tester
ARS- 206-008
Test hoof hardness with this popular, steel 13" hoof tester with scored edges for better gripping. 4 1/2" maximum opening. Comfortable 1/1-pound, easy to use instrument
Name: Large Hoof Tester
ARS- 206-009
Heavy duty 18" Stainless Steel
Name: Hoof Trimmer
ARS- 206-010
Durable steel with bolted construction. Green protective coating covers the steel. 1 1/4" opening between trimmer blades with double compound action. Sharp blades are firmly attached with three recessed screws; replaceable blades are available. Black rubber grip handles. Weighs approxiately five pounds.
Name: Hog Holder
ARS- 206-011