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We are manufacturer and Supplier of Surgical Instruments, Dental Instruments, Orthopedic Instruments, Orthopedic Implants, Veterinary Instruments, Castration Instruments and Ophthalmic Instruments based in Sialkot, Pakistan 

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Orthopedic Instruments   |   Bone Levers and Forceps

Name: Lange-Hohmann Bone Lever
ARS- OI-BHF-1112
Lange-Hohmann Bone Lever
Name: Lange-Hohmann Bone Lever
ARS- OI-BHF-1113
Thick Blade. Available Options
Size (cm)
27 cm
29 cm
Name: Sequestrum Bone Lever Forceps
ARS- OI-BHF-1114
Size: 20 cm.
Available Options
Straight (Sizes)
20 cm
Curved (Sizes)
20 cm
Name: Van Buren Bone Lever Forceps
ARS- OI-BHF-1115
Size: 23 cm.