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We are manufacturer and Supplier of Surgical Instruments, Dental Instruments, Orthopedic Instruments, Orthopedic Implants, Veterinary Instruments, Castration Instruments and Ophthalmic Instruments based in Sialkot, Pakistan 

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Dental Instruments   |   Orthodontic Pliers

Name: Orthodontic Pliers
ARS- 2390
Nance loop closing pliers,for berding of stop loops and special pliers for Adams clasps. Wires up to 0.7mm (.028")
Name: Orthodontic Pliers
ARS- 2391
Round Concave pliers for loop forming and bending of thin aquare wires upto 0.5mm (.020")
Name: Orthodontic Pliers
ARS- 2392
Tweed loop forming pliers.For round or rectangular wires up to 0.56x0.7mm (0.22"x0.28) Replaceable Cylindrical beak with three sizes 1.15mm,(.045"),1.50mm,(.059"),1.90mm,(.075")
Concave beak with Slight parallel serrations to keep the in proper position
Name: Orthodontic Pliers
ARS- 2393
Tweed loop forming pliers.For making perfect omega loops with round or rectangular wires up to 0.56x0.7mm (.022"x.028").The Concave beak is exactly the same as pliers 5809-1
Name: Orthodontic Pliers
ARS- 2394
Single diameter loop forming pliers.Wire up to 0.56x0.7mm (.022"x.028").Replaceable concave beak has only diameter section of 1.50mm (.059")
Name: Orthodontic Pliers
ARS- 2395
Reynolds contouring pliers
Name: Orthodontic Pliers
ARS- 2396
Lingual arch pliers used to form double and triple back bends in 0.7mm (.028") or 0.9mm (.035") wire for insertion in lingual sheaths
Name: Orthodontic Pliers
ARS- 2397
Utility and speciality pliers weingart pliers with serrated tips
Name: Orthodontic Pliers
ARS- 2398
De la Rosa arch forming pliers.Desgined to form and contour arch wires on round or rectangular wire.The beak has grooves of 0.4mm (.016") 0.46mm (.018") and 0.56mm (.022")
Name: Orthodontic Pliers
ARS- 2399
Arch forming pliers with non-grooved contouring surface for the forming of precise arches
Name: Orthodontic Pliers
ARS- 2400
Direct bonding bracket remover with "Wide beak" pad. designed for quick,comfortable removal of direct bonded brackets and elimination of adhesive resudues Wide tip.
Name: Orthodontic Pliers
ARS- 2401
Direct boding bracket remover with "Narrow beak" pad.
Name: Orthodontic Pliers
ARS- 2402
Short nose pliers for easy band remover Interchangeable plastic pad.
Name: Orthodontic Pliers
ARS- 2403
Posterior band remover (long).These long style plier are excellent for posterior band removing,also used to remove direct bonding bracket
Name: Orthodontic Pliers
ARS- 2404
Micro-miniature light wire cutter.it cuts ligature wires.For use in case of limited access.Caution:maximum cutting capacity:soft ligature wire up to 0.30mm (.012")