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We are manufacturer and Supplier of Surgical Instruments, Dental Instruments, Orthopedic Instruments, Orthopedic Implants, Veterinary Instruments, Castration Instruments and Ophthalmic Instruments based in Sialkot, Pakistan 

About Us

We are the Manufacturer and Supplier of Different Types STAINLESS STEEL INSTRUMENTS including Surgical, Dental, Orthopedic, Ophthalmic and Veterinary Instruments located in Small industrial Estate which is the Heart of Sialkot Surgical Instruments Industry. 

It has and will always be our goal to provide best manufacturing services to our customers. Our aim is to develop more of a partnership with our customers, rather than just a vendor-purchaser relationship.   With Al Ramzan, you can be assured of receiving top-quality manufacturing services and Products .Not only will working with Al Ramzan minimize your costs and increase revenues, there will undoubtedly be better control and a substantially better flow of information from us to you, as our valued customer.   In addition, problems that do arise can be addressed directly and more efficiently in this manner. 


Our Beloved father Mr. Mubarak Ali starts his professional career as an employee in local surgical factory in 1967 and he continues to serve different surgical companies till 1990.

Due to hard work and Wonderful Skills in hand tools making enable him to start his own business as a subcontractor to Local exporters with the name of “Mubarak Surgical Maker” in 1990. Initially, he was producing surgical instruments only but due to the growing demand of Beauty instruments and Precision Tools in the local market, He decided to sharpen his skills on these Hand tools also. In Few years, he becomes Subcontracted Company for producing beauty instruments and Precision Tools Also. As our expertise and understanding of the international market Developed, we decided to Directly Supply our products in the international Market with A renewed Name “AL Ramzan Tools International”  which was the name of my Grand Father  (Mr. Ramzan Ali). Now, We have established a subsidiary with name AL Ramzan Surgical to Specially serve the Customer of Medical Instruments Only.

Now we are producing best quality stainless steel instruments for our Valuable clients whom with we have Good Business relationships for many Years. "We Believe to do business with Few but Loyal customers".


“To be the First choice as a Manufacturing Partner in Medical Instruments Industry”.


The mission of AL-Ramzan Surgical is same as Al Ramzan Tool to

  • Manufacture superior quality Medical Instruments to fulfill the needs and wants of his valuable customers and Consumers at a right price.
  • Provide manufacturing services in support of all companies within the private label, Wholesale, Retail, Govt. and Corporate Tenders.
  • Fulfilling all commitments made with the customer.
  • Building Long term business relationship through consistent good quality Products and competitive Prices.
  • Play an important Role in Pakistan’s economy by Providing More Job opportunities to unemployed People and with Maximum Exports.